The UX Process & Deliverables

I often get asked what my process is for UX planning for clients, and I have to say it depends on the client. Sometimes it’s a whole formal process like this:

  • analytics
  • personas
  • heuristic evaluations
  • interviews/focus groups
  • site-maps
  • wire-frames
  • style tiles
  • mockups
  • build
  • test

And sometimes is just a few of these deliverables. I thought I would blog today about deliverables and use a recent project as an example. I highlighted from the list above some core UX examples below.

I. Sitemap – Illustrator

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 9.02.23 PM

II. Wireframe – Balsimiq


III. Mockups -Photoshop




IV. Final Build –

As you can see the final went through many changes before we landed on the final design, however I think that is a natural progression of the project work flow. I strongly believe UX deliverables are more about conversation then final product, in this case the client was able to visualize the product early on and decided to make significant changes in the end. That was great and the end-product was better for it.


Final Screen Shot

So UXers, what tools do you use? And how do you tailor those to clients needs and desires?

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