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Part I: How to start a web accessibility plan.

Several months ago, I got some bad news at work.  My university, nationally known for promoting and focusing on accessibility needs as a campus, was rated by the Chronicle of Higher Education for having one of the most inaccessible websites out

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I <3 Agile.

So, at my day job, we started the process of implementing agile development.  If you don’t know what this is, then you have probably like us…developing under a rock somewhere stealing internet from your local coffee shop (at least that’s

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Social Media and Google — strange bed fellows?

So we all know that Google loves dynamic content no surprise there. However, I think I have really under estimated the search moguls lust for fresh content—specially for social media. So awhile back a colleague and I wanted to test

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New Website

Yeah its cliche’ we know… but seriously we are working literally right now. On the bright side theres no little construction sign right?

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